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Dachshund Breed Grooming Information

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Although one of the lowest maintenance breeds, the Dachshund needs to be completely brushed out at least monthly to deter excessive shedding, tangling and matting. Full service professional grooming is recommended at least every 8 weeks.

Some dachshunds have a more wooly coat which will mat easier and will require more frequent grooming.

The appearance of the Dachshund can offen be improved by using a seperate
conditioner when having them bathed.

For more information on home maintenance grooming and equipment please contact our groomer!

Consider using a
Specialty Shampoo or conditioner to spruce up your dachshund’s coat & ask for Toothbrushing for dental hygiene.
The soft and silky treatment or antistat conditioner are common ad-ons for this breed!

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Bichon Frise custom puppy cut - Sneaky - Erlanger - Northern Kentucky

Grooming required rating


Full service grooming frequency


Recommended at least every...

8 weeks

Maintenance required


at least...


Dachshunds - Indian Hill

Note:  All cuts are custom, done to the customer’s specifications

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