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Although relatively easy to maintain the Chihuahua still benefits from being groomed regularly. The smooth coat is short, soft, close and glossy. Some coats may be heavier with undercoat. Long coats, the coat should be soft, flat or wavy with an undercoat. The Chihuahua should be bathed, have its nails trimmed, ears cleaned and brushed monthly.
Full service grooming includes bath, blowdry, brushout, nail trim, ear cleaning & plucking if needed.

Full service professional grooming is recommended at least every 4-6 weeks with proper home maintenance or every 2 weeks without.

For more information on home maintenance grooming and equipment please
contact our groomer! Advice is always free.

Remember all cuts and grooming shown is to the customer’s specifications.


Grooming required rating - Low

Full service grooming required (with home  maintenance): At least every 4-6 weeks.

Full service grooming required (without home  maintenance): At least every 2 weeks.

Home maintenance required at least every 2 weeks.

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