- No cage time! Far less stressful.

- No re-circulated water.

- Full size facility. No hookups required.

- Since 2002.

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We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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Senior Pet Grooming

It can be a touchy subject,.. But there’s an easy solution!

Active Paws Mobile Grooming has groomed hundreds of elderly dogs and realizes the importance of providing careful handling and positive experiences throughout the grooming process as well as a clean environment. Not having multiple pets around, giving 1 on 1 personal attention, shortening the overall grooming time and using no cages and a better process significantly improves grooming for pets and dramatically reduces stress. We move at the elderly dog’s pace, provide an uplifting positive experience and provide

    a clean, safe and comfortable environment. All older dogs are handled with care and treated compassionately in a positive environment.

This is a few of the many elderly dogs we groom. Your older dog can still look and feel great!

When pets age they begin to require more and more maintenance as time goes by. You are not doing your pet any favors by avoiding grooming. Some people believe it is less stressful to cut back on grooming and only get it done when absolutely ‘necessary’, this is not true. As your pet ages, the importance of a regular grooming routine at tighter intervals increases.

Most often, when pets age they shed more, become more oily and/or develop skin issues. This causes more matting of the coat with both long and shorter haired dogs and cats. When they are kept on a regular grooming routine we can easily control the matting, oiliness and skin irritation, however when grooming is put off, the hair is forced deep into the coat and much more difficult to remove. Increasing your elderly pet’s grooming routine is important to avoid tugging or heavy brushing during grooming. Also the more often grooming is done, the more comfortable and less stressed your aging pet will be. These are the golden years! Make them feel fabulous!

We highly recommend increased home grooming maintenance as well as a tighter grooming schedule for older, aging pets. We have had great success keeping older pets healthy and happy with this philosophy.

If you have any questions regarding the care or grooming of your elderly pet feel free to contact us.

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