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        - No cage time! Far less stressful.                - No re-circulated water.

We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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The breed was introduced in the USA in the late 1980's. Origin stories vary, but DNA tells us Mi-Kis share common ancestry with several Asian breeds, predominantly the Shih Tzu, Maltese & Pekingese. Other contributing breeds in smaller percentages are Pomeranian, Yorkie & Papillon. Mi-Kis are purebred dogs.

There are two coat types, smooth and long. The smooth coat lies close to the body and skull with no presence of a beard or mustache on the face, and has short fringing on the ears and on the front and rear legs and the tail. The long coat is fine, silky and straight, with long feathering on the ears and on the front and rear legs, and on the tail. The long-coated Mi-Ki may have a beard and mustache and must have a neatly shaved head. All colors are acceptable, including dilute colors. Solid colors are rare and highly prized. The general appearance should be one of elegance and grace, with long, silky non-shedding hair. It is very important when brushing the miki to be sure to brush all the way to the skin, to avoid painful matting.

Most customers choose a lower maintenance cut such as a puppy cut, however it is possible to keep them full coated with frequent grooming.

 If home maintenance is done properly; full service grooming is recommended every 3 weeks, if not professional grooming is recommended at least every 1-2 weeks.

For more information on home maintenance grooming and equipment please
contact our groomer! Advice is always free.

Remember all cuts and grooming shown is to the customer’s specifications.

Mi-ki breed

Grooming required rating - High

Full service grooming required (with home  maintenance): At least every 3 weeks.

Full service grooming required (without home  maintenance): At least every 1-2 weeks.

Home maintenance required at least twice weekly.

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