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Regular brushing and combing is essential in order to remove substantial wooly hair shed from the dense undercoat, and not only the outer coarse guard coat which protects the undercoat. The density of the hair coat can be misleading; it is dense and mats easily. Daily grooming is very helpful with a full coated Miniature Poodle, and less for Miniature Poodles styled with shorter maintenance cuts. Soft and cottony, and often curly, the coat can easily become matted especially when exposed to moisture. The Poodle should be completely brushed out at least weekly to deter excessive shedding, tangling and matting. Full service professional grooming is recommended at least every 3 weeks with sufficient home maintenance.

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For more information on home maintenance grooming and equipment please
contact our groomer! Advice is always free.

Remember all cuts and grooming shown is to the customer’s specifications.

Miniature Poodle

Grooming required rating - High

Full service grooming required (with home  maintenance): At least every 3 weeks.

Full service grooming required (without home  maintenance): At least every 1-2 weeks.

Home maintenance required at least twice weekly.

Standard Poodle - Clifton