- No cage time! Far less stressful.

- No re-circulated water.

- Full size facility. No hookups required.

- Since 2002.

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We specialize in high frequency grooming.

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Active Paws’ Royalty Club is an exclusive club for the most pampered pets in Cincinnati. Most of our club members are groomed once or twice weekly and Active Paws offers additional care options for top clients.

Keep in mind, all Active Paws customers are treated equally.

French Bulldog Mobile Breed Info

Daphie, Lily & Truffles from Indian Hill love their weekly spa days!

French Bulldog Mobile Breed Info

Petunia & Tulip of East Walnut Hills stay looking beautiful weekly!

Sadie of Indian Hill loves our weekly visits, as you see!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Mobile Breed Info

The beautiful Kelso and Munchie of Indian Hill stay smelling fresh with their weekly pampering!

Our active twice weekly friends, Nolan & Jr of Indian Hill

Our beautiful twice weekly friend from Terrace Park.

Long time customers Hoss, Leo and Holly from Indian Hill are very pampered bi weekly!

Rottweiler Mobile Breed Info

Zeus is an awesome rottweiler from Terrace Park that has his spa days 1-2 times a week.

How cute are these two from East Walnut Hills.

Bernese Mountain Dog Mobile Breed Info

Crosley from Amberly has never been groomed by anyone else!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Mobile Breed Info

Chaka another one of our weekly Ridgebacks!

Dogs are in no specific order and this is not a complete list!

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French Bulldog

Dudley our bi weekly wire fox terrier from Mt Adams!





Rhodesian Ridgeback



Our weekly Mi-Ki breed from Hyde Park!